Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Where are you today?

Just play along and see which category applies to you, based on your current location:

If you're in Madrid...

Go to the Parque Quinta de los Molinos to see the almond trees in bloom. When?  Now! Today! Maybe tomorrow. They're in full bloom right now, according to photos from my friends in Madrid, so be sure to visit this week.

La parque Quinta de los Molinos
La Parque Quinta de los Molinos, Madrid 2012

If you're not in Spain...

The application deadline for the 2014-15 North American Language and Culture Assistants program (Auxiliares de conversación) is April 1, 2014. So apply now for the chance to live and and work in Spain for 9 months, teaching English. Your only regret will be not applying, I promise!

If you're not in Spain anymore...

Don't forget that you can always return for a visit.  Hopefully in 6 months I can look back and see the foreshadowing of this statement. ; )