Thursday, October 8, 2009

Incoming: An income!

Yesterday, after a required (and in my opinion, pointless) workshop titled Culture Shock: We're not in Kansas Anymore! (were we ever in Kansas to begin with??), I stopped by the WIP office to find out more about teaching english classes...

... and left with a family to tutor!  This family has 5 kids, ages 14, 13, 12, 10, and 9.  So every Wednesday I'll tutor them for 2.5 hours - 1/2 hour for each kid.  Amy, the WIP coordinator, only had great things to say about this family.  It will take quite a while to get to their house - 30 min metro followed by a 40 min bus ride... but Amy said the girl who tutored them last year would have done it for free, she liked them so much.  So next Wednesday will be my first time trying to find their place and meeting the family.

I will also be interviewing at a private school for a position as a teacher's assistant in english classes.  Need to make my resume this weekend.  If the interview goes well and I manage to get a job there, I'll be making a steady income which could almost cover my rent, I think.  And if the job doesn't happen, I'll try to pick up a few more families to tutor.

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