Monday, May 17, 2010

otro domingo en moto

This morning I was woken up to Gregorio's "Rebe?! Rebe?", quietly asking if I'm awake.

Eh?  Qué?  Ok, now I'm awake.  He peers his head round the door. Asks me if I want to go round Madrid on his motorcycle. Half asleep, I say no.

Apparently there's a big crowd of motos at the plaza de toros, and any minute now they're going to take off together, and go 'round Madrid.

I think of all the work I have to do that day. My plan was to wake up, shower, and go to the library.


Come on, let's go, he tells me.  I'm a little more awake now.

If it were a short little trip, I'd have said yes. But a ride around Madrid could last... hours.


He's persistent.  Come on, let's go, let's go, get up, get up.

Five minutes later I'm dressed and we're headed out the door!

After a half hour ride or so, we make a stop at the Egyptian Templo de Debod, which somehow I still hadn't seen yet, so that was nice to cross off the "to-do before leaving" list.  The temple was given to Spain in 1968 by the Republic of Egypt.

Templo de Debod

Inside the temple

View of Palacio Real y Catedral de la Almudena

Me reacting Amelie


Then I thought we were heading back to the apartment... little did I know cañas and pinchas would be our next stop:
Bocadilla de calamari, patatas, pincha de tortilla, y cervezas.

The place we ate though had all these funny quotes painted on the walls.  I only translated a few; so Spanish speakers, enjoy the rest. (Some of them are plays on words, and I'm too lazy right now to explain all the meanings of the words and why it's funny... maybe later):

Don't worry about life, because you won't leave it alive.

By the light of a candle, no women are ugly.

Poderoso caballero Es Don dinero

 Aunque soy Feo Gordito y Gangoso Los euritos Me hacen Gracioso.

 ¿En que se parecen un hombre aún cepillo de dientes?
Que sin pasta no vale nada.  

(^^jaja, uno de mis favoritas)

Los chicos son como los músicos.
Vienen, tocan, y se van.

Since we were right al lado, we stepped into Plaza Mayor to see who was singing.

And then we head home.

A pleasant, unexpected start to my day.  We were gone about 2 hours, but I still got stuff done the rest of the day.  And now begins another week... two presentations tomorrow, still have that logic paper to write, and finals to study for.

woot woot

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