Friday, October 21, 2011

La huelga continues

Since I bet you're all dying to know how the lesson went yesterday morning with the big class of talkative boys, I'll tell you:  it didn't.

Only two students showed up in the class of 29.  So I chatted with both of them in English for a bit, and then Paloma put on Simpsons: The Movie (it was the Monday group that watched it two weeks ago). The rest of the students were on strike yesterday.

Here's an article from El País with the latest on the huelga (strike).

For those of you who don't speak Spanish, here is the strike, in pictures.  Just keep clicking on the arrow to the right to flip through them.

I've gotta get going, catching a car out of town in an hour.  Where am I going and why am I bringing cleats with me?  You'll just have to wait for the next blog upon my return on Sunday!

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