Thursday, February 2, 2012

Chill out, Madrid!

It's currently 1 degree outside at 6:48 in the afternoon.

Celsius, that is.  Which is 33.8 degrees Fahrenheit for those of you who aren't used to converting.  For the next few days our temperatures are  actually quite comparable to those in Madison.  We've just got more sun.

So what?  Well, the city's in a panic.  We've had a mild and very sunny winter up until today, in comparison to the city's usual 43 degree (F) Januarys (that's the daily mean in January according to wikipedia -- the lowest temperatures all year).  So the weather outside right now, this is freezing to them.  The whole country is under a yellow alert due to the cold and the wind.

Citizens are instructed to fill their gas tanks and not to go driving without a charged cell phone.  They are to be careful when driving because ice could form! (gasp)

While walking home from my private English class this afternoon I noticed that salt has been spread on the corner sidewalks of crosswalks, even though we have no snow or rain.  To be fair, it rained sprinkled for about 10 minutes last night, but I still think the salt is an overreaction.

That's because this is the warmest winter of my life. (It's been warmer than my last winter I spent in Spain, or at least a lot less rainy and a lot sunnier).

So chill out and toughen up, Madrid; this isn't so bad.

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  1. The high today in Indianapolis is 50 degrees F. Guess I've got you beat today.