Sunday, February 24, 2013

Last day in Madrid: 2012

After having just left the apartment on our way to the Barajas airport in Madrid on my last day in Spain in 2012 (September 24), Gregorio pulled over on c/ Alcalá.

I can't remember if Gregorio had seen Ángel's car, or if Ángel had seen Gregorio's car, but either way we randomly ran into each other on my way out of the country that morning.  (Ángel is Gregorio's (tall) good friend.  Off the top of my head, he's appeared on the blog when we painted the new apartment in 2010, and when he got us into Madrid Fusión 2012 for free). 

Gregorio snapped pictures as I gave some of my last besitos for a while.
In the airport Gregorio continued to take pictures as I waited in line.  He got yelled at by airport security; I think he was supposed to have deleted this picture:

Hours after these pictures were taken, I was up in the air on my way back to Madison, where I would surprise my entire family with my presence.

I'd forgotten about running into Ángel that day, and hadn't seen these pictures until Gregorio sent them in an email a few weeks ago.  Just reminiscing.  

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