Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Antes de morir...

Sometime last year, I saw a TED Talk about an interactive community art project called "Before I die...".  The project consists of a wall covered with multiple lines of "Before I die I want to ____________".  Passersby can fill in the blanks with chalk, sharing their dreams with the community.

The project debuted in New Orleans, but has since spread and been recreated around the globe.  I was delighted to read the other week that Cassandra (@ Gee Casandra) saw a "Before I die" display in Malasaña, a neighborhood in Madrid.  Check out the pictures on her post.

While looking for pictures of the display in Madrid on the "Before I die..." website, I discovered that there was a display in La Latina from July - October 2012.  I might have walked past it without noticing!

Antes de morir...
Antes de morir...
Photographer: Antonio García

Antes de morir... Madrid, Spain
Antes de morir...
Photographer: Alberto Vizcaíno

Antes de morir... in Madrid, Spain
Antes de morir quiero...
Photographer; Alberto Vizcaíno

The display that Cassandra saw more recently has since been taken down, but seeing the pictures reminded me of the Inside Out project I saw in Madrid last fall, inspired by TED Talk award winner JR.  As I've said before, this is just one of the many perks of living in a cultural and vibrant city like Madrid.

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