Thursday, June 27, 2013

European Championships of Beach Ultimate 2013: Calafell, Spain

The 2013 European Championships of Beach Ultimate (ECBU) are happening right now, as I write.  And guess where ECBU is being held this year?  In Calafell, Spain!  On the same beach where I played with Granada's team for the Calafell Tournament last spring.

I'm pleased to have friends on all of Spain's team's that are participating in this championship: Mixed, Women's, Open, Master Mixed, and Master Open.

ECBU Spain 2013
Spain at ECBU 2013 in Calafell, Spain
Photo source

 ECBU 2013 games are being broadcast live here.  I missed Spain's mixed game vs. Germany this morning because that was at 4am Wisconsin time, but I plan to watch Spain's mixed masters and open masters games tomorrow.

Looking good Hermann! (#31)
Photo source

¡Vamos España!

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