Wednesday, October 5, 2016


Last Friday Gregorio and I went to Chinchón, which is a small town just southeast of Madrid.

Our first stop was at the castle, which is closed to visitors.

It was neat that while looking out to the fields northwest of the castle, we could see the four towers of Madrid, as pictured below:

On our way to find lunch, we happened upon this cool shop, La Ruta Natural, where the guy working was cooking his lunch out front with a solar oven.

Lunch was a delicious 3-course menu del día for 10 euros.

First course:

Second course:

(By the way, it's been so long since I've lived in Spain, that I was surprised when our waitress opened and left an entire bottle of wine on the table for me, the one who'd picked wine. I'd totally forgotten that some places do that!)


The restaurant was just off of the plaza de toros, which was being used as a parking lot since there weren't any bull fights that week.

Lunch gave me a total food coma, so I rested on a bench for about 40 minutes until I could walk again.

Gregorio, of course, captured the scene.

Then we headed higher up near the cathedral (closed), which offered a nice view of the town and plaza de toros.

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