Saturday, March 27, 2010

i knew things were going too smoothly..

Firstly, feliz cumpleaños grandpa!

Izzy got all moved in to her new apartment today.  It was surprisingly easier than I thought.  We loaded up a taxi with her stuff, headed across the city to her new place, and got it all up in the elevator.  I'll have to take some pics of her apartment when I get back - the living room is so awesome! There are signs from everywhere, metro signs, salida (exit) signs, a shopping cart... her new place has a lot more life to it.

Her friend Mara, who flew in from Barcelona, got in around 6pm-ish.  We did a bit of last-minute shopping for the trip (since it's a Muslim country, girls need to be covered up, despite the hot temps.  It is strongly not recommended to wear V-necks and shorts, so we've been looking for longer, light-weight flow-y things.)

I left her apartment a bit before 9, to go print out all our tickets and itinerary at this 24 hr printing place closer to my end of town.  Got there and it was closed.

Also, I called Mike along the way to the printing place, to make sure I was walking in the right direction, and here's a snippet of the end of our conversation:

Mike: So are you going out tonight?
Me: No way! I still have to pack! And we lose an hour of sleep tonight (our DST is this weekend), and we have to leave for the airport at like 10.45am!
Mike: But not tomorrow, on Monday.
Me: Ha, ha, ok, see you tomorrow at the airport.
Mike: But it's not tomorrow, it's Monday.
Me: Very funny, ok bye.
Mike: No I'm serious - my ticket's for Monday the 29th, I thought we were leaving on Monday.
Me: Tell me you're joking...

So our tickets aren't printed, and we're currently working on a plan to meet up with Mike on the 30.  The thing is that we're flying into Tangier, but going right into Marrakech on a night train that first day.  And our phones don't work in other countries, so we're not even bringing them.  We just need a plan to meet up.

Hope things work out, and that the rest of the trip runs more smoothly than the start...

Alright, but I still have to pack!
Hasta abril

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