Saturday, March 27, 2010

Semana Santa en Marruecos

We didn't have class today - 'twas the first day of spring break (or Semana Santa, what the break is referred to as here - Holy week).  I spent a the last couple hours trying to figure out my schedule for next fall...
Classes start up again on Tuesday the 6, but I'm going to miss all of my classes Tuesday and Wednesday, as I'll still be in Africa!

I'm going with Mike, Izzy, and Iz's friend Mara.  We bought the plane tickets a couple of weeks ago, but failed to make any other plans until two days ago.  Heh, that wasn't so smart on our part.  So it's been a frantic couple of days trying to find hostels, bus schedules, trains, desert trips on camels, and such.

Tomorrow we need to finalize our plans, look up maps and directions - how to get from the airport to the bus station, to the train station, from train stations to our hostels, PACK, go shopping for some stuff we'll need (travel size shampoo, a watch/alarm, lonely planet Morocco book?), go to a print shop to print out our tickets/reservations/itinerary.  Oh -- and did I mention Izzy's moving tomorrow?  She found a new apartment in an area of the city close to the university, so I'mma help her move in tomorrow afternoon.  Busy day.

I'll be back the evening of April 7, with plenty of photos and stories of our adventures.

Until then,
¡Que lo pases bien!

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