Sunday, January 8, 2012

HelpX en Válor: Photo Tour

As I mentioned in the last post, Terry and Ginny have two houses side-by-side in the Válor countryside.  The first house is one large room and a bathroom.  It has Terry and Ginny's bed, a sofa (for the dogs), the kitchen table and the food, but no sink.  This house hasn't been rented out before, but their next big project will be fixing up this house to be able to rent it out (put in a fridge, kitchen sink, etc.)

Since there was no sink in the main house, the washing of dishes was done in the helpers' "dormitory," where we slept.  Dishes are moved back and forth between the two houses in the large orange bin seen below.

The kitchen in the helpers' dormitory

My bed during the last week of my stay
The helpers' dormitory is a property that they do normally rent out to British vacationers.

Walking up to the next level on the hill, above/behind their houses, you'll find the pool, gardens, solar panels, and compost.

Scary stairs: One of two ways to get to the pool

The pool


Solar panels for electricity

A view of the main house from the pool-level

Terry and Ginny's friend Tog from England just bought a neighboring house on the bottom of their hill.  It's already booked to be rented out in February, so we spent lots of the days working on Tog's house.

Tog's house from above

Pool at Tog's house

We celebrated Christmas at Tog's, so when I post about that you can see more pictures of his house that we worked on.

When needed, we would refill up jugs of water from this nearby fountain at the bottom of the hill.  It was naturally carbonated water from the mountains-- an interesting taste when you're expecting crisp water sin gas.

Refilling water jugs at Cuesta Viñas
And thus ends the tour of where I spent my winter break.  What were your initial reactions?  Would you want to spend a few weeks in Válor's countryside?

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