Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Bowling in Madrid

Every now and then I go bowling.  My dad and aunt each played on bowling leagues when I was younger, my little brother played on a league at one point too.  My great-grandfather once bowled a perfect game and received a 300 ring for doing so.  And my aunt and uncle's wedding reception was in a bowling alley; that was pretty awesome.  Shall I provide you with visual reminders?  Alright!

Aunt and uncle's wedding reception

I love bowling shoes!

Papa T. bowling at my aunt and uncle's wedding reception

I haven't singled out which aspects I like about the activity, but for whatever reason I find bowling enjoyable.  I'm an average player; my goal is always just to break 100 each game.  I feel that if you are concentrated and just aim straight, strikes are attainable.  Maybe that's why I like the game.  It's simple, relaxed, and doesn't require the athletic skill that I lack for every other sport (except ultimate, kind of).

Since I started college, I've maybe gone a couple times a year.  However, I never went bowling the first year I lived in Madrid.  Thus, bowling earned a place on this year's Madrid Bucket List.

When my friends suggested we go bowling last week, I enthusiastically supported the idea.  So last Friday, after visiting the Parque Quintas de los Molinos, I went bowling with my friends!

We went to Bowling Chamartín and bowled two games.  It was practically the same experience as bowling in the states; no notable differences were observed.

The bowling shoes were as awesome as I had remembered, despite my right lace being twice as long as it should have been.

I love bowling shoes!

Splits were still possible to create, and just as impossible to knock down.

Max with a 3-pin split

The score boards on the television screen were practically the same, though only showed the first letter of your name along the left-hand column, not the first three or four letters as I've often experienced in Wisconsin.  When it's your turn though, your whole name is displayed across the top of the screen.

Lane 16: Vane, Justino, Rebe, David, Ana

Hermann clobbered us all in the first game with a 178, I came in second with a 122.  His and my second game score were lower, though combining the first and second games kept him in the lead (287) and me second overall (223).  Right behind me came Andy (222) and Hannah (215).

And just like bowling in the states, we all had a good time!

Bowling Chamartín

What: Bowling Chamartín
Where: Estación de Chamartín (zona recretiva)
Metro: Chamartín
Hours: Monday - Thursday: 13.00 - 24.00, Friday: 13.00 - 1.00, Saturday: 10.00 - 2.00, Sunday: 10.00 - 1.00
Cost: 4 euros - game during the week, 4.50 euros - game during the weekend, 2.80 euros - game in the morning
We paid 9.50 each; which included two games, shoe rentals, and a drink.  It was some kind of deal, but the point is to expect to spend about 10 euros for two games.  There's a bar inside as well, so bring extra cash if you want to buy drinks.

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