Thursday, March 1, 2012

Why you should always return missed calls from unknown numbers

I don't like answering the phone if I don't know who's calling.  Rather, I won't answer the phone if I don't know who's calling.

Here in Madrid, not many people have my number.  If someone does have my number, I have theirs; which means their name will pop up on my cell phone when they call. (And I'll answer.  See how this works?)

Additionally, these last couple of days, my phone has said "Servicio limitado" more often than normal.  As in, when I'm in my apartment.  I usually only don't have service when I'm underground in the metro.

Bueno, so jump to yesterday.  I'm on the bus to teach at my Tues/Weds school, which means my phone was on silent.  One minute from my stop, I could feel my phone vibrate once through my purse.  This could only mean one thing: SMS (text message).

I sort of forgot about it until some point later that afternoon when I looked at my phone again.  I had a text message that said a number had called me 8 times.  It was from a landline, not a cell phone, and I didn't recognize the number at all.  I figure these calls must have happened while I was service-less in my apartment that afternoon, as the number didn't show up on my "Missed Calls" list (and my phone never rang).  But still, that text said they called me eight times.  So did I call back?

Of course not. I didn't know who had called, so I just went on with my day. Finished classes, changed, went to frisbee practice.  Got home a bit after midnight, then woke up at 7am this morning for early class at my Mon/Thurs school.

I arrive at school, and the secretary tells me they were trying to call me all day yesterday.  Oh crap.  She said class had been moved two hours later today, so it wouldn't start until 10:15.  They tried to let me know so I could get a little extra sleep.

Lesson learned: If you receive missed calls from an unknown number, maybe you should call back.

(Side note: Last time I lived in Spain, I would receive a text every time I had a voicemail, with the voicemail message transcribed!  It was a terrible phone, but somehow had that awesome feature.  This year, I still haven't set up the voicemail on my phone, so I don't think people even have the option of leaving me a voicemail.  But I've made it to March without needing it, so I don't see myself looking into the matter further.)  

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