Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Since returning from Germany...

Since I got back to Madrid last week (from Germany):

I went to  a hot ultimate practice Thursday night (on a grass field!), 

played some disc golf (street version) on Friday,

went to ultimate pick-up on Saturday, after which we celebrated the team's placing 
at a recent tournament drinking the wine they won at said tourny,

played more disc golf on Sunday after making some amazing burgers at Hannah's,

saw a rainbow while playing disc golf,

And today I've been packing and finishing up loose ends, since tomorrow morning I'm off for two weeks in France!  I'm leaving my computer at home again, but this time will not have the sister's iPad available so it will be pretty quiet around the blog until then.

Looks like temperatures will reach 38 (100 F) this Thursday in Madrid, so we picked a good week to leave.

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  1. Hey Rebe!! Just noticed that you left a comment on my blog and that you are going to follow it, THATS GREAT! Its nice knowing that all of my writing is not going just to my close family, who feels required to read it. I know you didn't end up doing PC but it looks like your experience thus far is GREAT! Thats so awesome that you are abroad doing what you want to do, no matter what road you have to take. Thanks again for following!!