Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Spanish animal sounds

Last month one of my third grade classes here in Korea reminded me of the fact that different languages have different sounds for animal noises.  I reflected back to when I first learned that animals in Spanish made different sounds than in English, and how it was a real eye-opening moment.  More small moments like that one accumulated during my first year abroad, which amounted to my "new perspective" of the world that I brought back with me - and have been building on ever since.

Animal sounds in different languages

So what do Spanish animals sound like?

Some Spanish animal sounds are pretty similar to their English counterparts, like these:

Bee (abeja): bzzz
Cat (gato): miau
Cow (vaca): muuu
Duck (pato): cuac cuac
Donkey (burro): ii-aah
Owl (búho): uu-uu

And others are a bit different:

Chick (pollito): pío pío
Dog (perro): guau guau
Frog (rana): cruá cruá
Horse (caballo): jiiiii, iiiou
Hen (gallina): coc co co coc
Lion (león): grrrr
Monkey (mono): i-i-i-i
Rooster (gallo): kikirikí
Turkey (pavo) gluglú

Hear them spoken by a (cute, young) native Spanish speaker below:

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