Monday, November 16, 2009

Hola amigos,
You're looking at the Complutense's newest member of the Unión Cultural Arqueológica!

Alright, alright, so maybe all I had to do was pay 12 euro in the club's office after filling out an info sheet. But hopefully this means I'll be able to go to some workshops or a trip with the group, or at the very least meet some new people. Vamos a ver.

Won't update again until after exams. Lit is Thursday, Phonetics is Friday, and Syntax is next Tuesday. But I won't have much of a Tuesday night nor any of Wednesday night this week to study, as I'll be teaching my english classes. Which means I'm off to study now. So I'll catch you all up on the past week's events later.

Expect a delay with e-mails, too. Sorry!

ps - Weijia, where's my e-mail?!

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