Thursday, November 26, 2009

hoy, no pavo para mi

I suppose I should explain the previous post. On Tuesday while doing some studying in the WIP office, our Program Director, Juan, walked in and told me that he saw me on the news the night before. I was really confused when he said this...because he told me that I was in Sol, and that I smiled right at the camera. But I hadn't been there at all last weekend, nor the week before... and have no recollection of seeing any sort of camera.

Then Amy, the Student Coordinator, found it online, and we watched it in the office. The clip was from three Wednesdays ago, when I met up with my intercambio, Eva. Hah, I think it's funny, and quite lucky that Juan saw it...otherwise I'd never have known.

Y para hoy,
Feliz día de acción de gracias a todos!

I'm on my way out to meet up with Iz and Michael, then later we'll head out to our group dinner tonight at some restaurant (with everyone in WIP).


  1. Wisconsin, Indiana, Purdue.
    But we don't have any students from Purude this semester... and only one next semester.