Monday, November 30, 2009

thanksgiving dinner: take 2

Since our Thanksgiving dinner Thursday night wasn't quite what we're used to eating on Thanksgiving, Izzy and I (but mostly Iz) made stuffing, mashed potatoes, and apple crisp for dinner Friday night, and ate with her roommates.

Brief roomie descriptions:
  • 30 years old
  • seems younger
  • sweetheart; very nice
  • has bf of 7 years, but he lives outside of Madrid so they don't see each other often
  • or "Italian man", as named by Izzy
  • socially awkward
  • loves Italy; from Italy
  • loves to talk, and loudly
  • nearly nonexistent
  • did not eat dinner with us
  • have only seen him twice
  • nearly nonexistent
Now back to dinner. Highlights:
  • Italian man informed us that there are only two types of Americans: ones who exercise all the time, are very in-shape, and calorie count; and ones who are lazy, fat, fast-food eating slobs. Just two types. And he is certain of this because he had a job once (I think in an airport) where he saw lots of people walk by every day.
  • The mashed potatoes were delicious. And the apple crisp. I haven't eaten stuffing for many years... only liked it when I was younger, but that was yummy too. Izzy is a fabulous chef.
  • Five minutes into dessert, a little before midnight, Paola got a call from some restaurant she had applied to work at, asking if she could come to work now for six hours or so. Her first shift. No training. Apparently someone had called in at the last minute and they were short a body. They offered pay double for the shift, and to pay for her cab. So Paola runs into her bedroom, changes into a different outfit, and was drinking a cup of coffee when I left to go home. Crazy.
I left a bit after 12:30, once we had washed all the dishes. Knowing I'd have to wake up by 6 to leave my apartment at 7 the next morning to catch our 8am bus to Córdoba, this bedtime was a bit later than I'd normally have chosen... but that's just how dinners are here. And I quite enjoy them.

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