Thursday, December 3, 2009

but where is uncle meat?

Although I doubt any of you remember nor care, today is December 3... the day that Uncle Meat and the Highway Children had told us they'd be playing in Madrid.  Well, the next concert on their site isn't until January 5, and that's back in the UK.  We searched the interwebs but found nothing.  Hence, I am highway children-less tonight.

I did tutor the Sanchez family yesterday, although my voice was not fully there.  Today it's the strongest it has been in the past 5 days - though still raspy. And I'll get throat itches and cough.  But I should be on my way to normal.  Was able to tutor Pablo tonight since I had to cancel on Tuesday; glad that worked out.

And I watched the second episode of 'Band of Brothers' with Gregorio tonight.

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