Wednesday, December 2, 2009

flumil forte y bronquidiazina

I wake up yesterday unable to speak at all. Nothing. Even when I'd sneeze, there would be no noise whatsoever from my vocal chords; just the sound of air leaving my nose. Wonderful.

Drank some tea...
Back on the home front, the roomies drown me with shoulds/shouldn'ts about my health.  Rather, living habits. Zuzana says I should stay in bed some days, and really bundle up when I go outside. Grego wonders where's the protein in my dinner... bla bla bla - It's not like I tried to lose my voice!  Heck, I even bought hand sanitizer the other week to use after I metro every day...

Anyway, stayed in last night and watched episode 1 of 10 of Band of Brothers with Gregorio in castellano (He's a WWII fanatic... has a stack of at least 30 movies that are "required" for me to watch this year. Not so sure they'll all get watched...).  He wanted to watch the second episode tonight...but I had too much e-mailing/blogging to do.

This morning I wake up... can make a few lower sounds, but still can't talk.  After class, I stopped  by the WIP office and Amy, our coordinator, called Pablo's mother for me to explain I couldn't tutor tonight because I couldn't talk.  Then I skipped my Complutense class tonight and visited the doc.  Followed by a trip to the pharmacy to buy his recommended drugs.  Side note on that - I didn't need a prescription or anything... you just go to the pharmacy and tell them what drugs you need.  Um, and then they give it to you. And they're cheap, too. Fantastic.

I now have some liquid bronquidiazina to take 3x a day for a week, and some flumil forte to take once a day for a week.  I really hope I can somewhat talk tomorrow... because if I have to cancel with the Sanchez's, there goes 50 euro...

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