Monday, December 28, 2009

Day 2: The rain in Spain falls and falls and falls

Guest Blogger: Bernice (Rebecca's grandma)

We slept late (10) and then we went to Dia (grocery store) to get some napolitanas for breakfast.  They are a chocolate-filled pastry.

It rained and rained and rained today, but that didn't dampen our spirits.  We had fun anyway.

After breakfast, we took the metro to Sol.  We walked to the Royal Palace.  There were lots of queues waiting to go in, but we didn't join them.  We went into the Almudena Cathedral, which sits right next to the Royal Palace.  Construction of the cathedral began in 1883, and finished in 1993.  It was consecrated in person by Pope John Paul II that same year.

Then we walked to Plaza de España.  There, we browsed through the "Feria Mercado de Artesanía" - an outdoor, roofed art fair.  It reminded me of the cloth market in Krakow, Poland.  Rebecca found a pretty ring.  LuAnn found an almost-perfect purse.  And I found some souvenirs for my mother and sister.

Then we were hungry, and took the metro to eat.  It was around 5 o'clock (lunch).  We ate at the best kebap place in Madrid, according to Rebecca.  Kebap is a turkish food with tomato, lettuce, beef, and special sauces.  Rebecca and I ate the whole thing.  LuAnn didn't eat the whole thing, but she wasn't picky.

LuAnn and I eating kebap

Then we rode the metro again, back to Ventas (Plaza de Torros - "The bullfight place"). We climbed many, many, many stairs.  Then we went to a pastry shop and got dessert for later.  Rebecca got a sugar donut, and LuAnn and I got mini-mousses and a cream-filled chocolate to share.

We just ate dessert, and Rebecca turned on Fantasia (for Jacki, she says).  It's 7:50 and we have to wake up early tomorrow morning to catch a bus to Valladolid.

I'm having trouble staying awake.  Rebecca says this is abnormal for her, because she would normally eat dinner at 10 or 10:30, but our late lunch sufficed for dinner today.

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