Thursday, April 22, 2010

missing classes, being robbed, and failing the road test.

So I'm currently browsing some ESL sites, trying to find activities to do with Sonja and Marcos tomorrow (Pablo's cousins, my new students).  I stumbled upon a website that has list after list of conversations that cover a mountain of topics, and some of them are quite entertaining.  Like this one, for example, under the "Health - Missing Classes" category: 

A: Hello, is this Professor Clark?
B: Yes, I am Professor Clark.
A: Hello, Professor, this is Kalia, and I am in your literature class on Monday mornings.
B: Yes, how are you doing?
A: I was partying hard over the weekend, fell down the stairs, and need time to recuperate.
B: That sounds painful. Are you going to be OK?

A: I sprained my wrist, but the doctor says it will be fine.
B: How many days will you be out of school?
A: The doctor said I should be good enough to return next week.
B: I am glad you let me know that you will be missing class. Get well!

"Crime - Being Robbed"
A: Are you all right?
B: No, I'm not.
A: What's going on?
B: I was just robbed!
A: Are you serious?
B: Someone just robbed me.
A: Did he hurt you?
B: He took all my things, but he didn't hurt me.
A: I can't believe that.
B: I need to make a statement at the police station.
A: I'll take you, if you'd like.
B: Thanks. You're very kind.

"Crime - Picking a Suspect out of a Line-Up" (Seriously, what foreigner would need to know this? These topics are hysterical!)
A: Did you see who the suspect was?
B: I got a perfect look at the suspect.
A: Would you be able to pick him out of a line-up?
B: That'll be easy.
A: Please take a careful look at these five men.
B: Okay.
A: Is the suspect in this line-up?
B: I see him.
A: Which number is he?
B: The suspect is number four.
A: Your cooperation is very much appreciated.
B: I'm happy to be of assistance.

"Driving - Failing the Road Test"
A: So how did I do on my driving test?
B: Do you want the truth?
A: Of course, I do.
B: Well, you really didn't do all that well.
A: How bad did I do?
B: To be completely honest, you failed your test.
A: How?
B: There were a number of reasons.
A: What were they?
B: Basically, you just can't drive.
A: Can I have another try?
B: You can take it in a couple weeks.

Wow, I could probably keep reading these for hours.  I'll give it a rest for now, though.  I linked you up above, so you can keep reading them if you want to/need to procrastinate*/are bored in class.

*Apparently there's not a single-worded verb for "procrastinate".  The dictionary gives "dejar las cosas para más tarde" which translates to "to leave things for later".  

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