Thursday, April 8, 2010

nuevos estudiantes

I taught Pablo today instead of Tuesday since I was still in Marruecos then.  His mom called me this afternoon and said that her sister was wondering if I'd like to start meeting with two of her kids for an hour weekly.  After that trip to Marruecos, I couldn't turn down an additional 15 euro per week.  Although I normally have my intercambio Thursday evenings, it's the only "free" evening I have (without other english classes or volunteering), so I gave her that night as my only available night to add an English class.

Today after Pablo's English class, his aunt and one of the cousins (Sonja) stopped by to discuss the details.  Sonja's mother and I sat down at the table, and here's how the conversation started:

S.'s mom: So I was thinking once a week, you could start with just an hour and we'll see if that's enough time.
Sonja: For what?
S.'s mom: This is the English teacher.
Sonja: For who? For you?
S.'s mom (to me, ignoring Sonja): So there's Marcos, who's 14 and Sonja here is 12.
Sonja: What?! Mom! Noooo!

So basically Sonja had no idea she was coming over to meet me, nor that she'd be starting English classes with a tutor.  Sounded like her mother may have previously suggested the idea, and that it didn't fly.  Which means I'll need to figure out some games/conversation topics/activities to do with a 12 and 14 year old that don't want anything to do with an English tutor...

Hopefully I can win them over; I really enjoy the time I spend teaching all my other students.  And if all else fails, with the slightly-boosted income I might not be forced to live off rice my last few weeks here after all.

And I shall leave you with a couple of pics of Pablo from a few weeks ago.  I had drawn an outline of a person, and read him instructions so he could practice listening and complete the picture (eg. "Cole has blue pants and a red shirt.)  For whatever reason, Pablo always puts on his pirate costume when I come over...hah
Coloring nicely


Cole's ridiculously long left ear, courtesy of Pablo

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  1. Hahahaha that's awesome. The drawing's hilarious, but not as sweet as the pirate costume.