Monday, April 16, 2012

Back to the 21st century

We now have internet in my new apartment, folks.  Woo-hoo!  It's been half a month without, and three visits from Jazztel - our internet company.

Between the last time I had internet and now, this is what I've done:

  • Packed up my old bedroom, and watched as the rest of our apartment turned into bags and boxes.

  • Moved up a floor in my apartment building.
My new bedroom

My new bedroom
My new bedroom
My new bedroom
New bathroom


Half of new kitchen

  • Acquired a few left-behind items in my awesome new bedroom from the previous owners:

Some loose change
A pencil
An unmatched pair of socks

  • Played at a day-tournament somewhere between Segovia and Valladolid the Saturday before Semana Santa.

  • Read five books during the rainy Semana Santa.
    • About a Boy, Nick Hornby
    • Make the Impossible Possible, Bill Strickland
    • Carrie, Stephen King
    • Ender's Game, Orson Scott Card
    • A Whole New Mind, Daniel Pink
  • I also watched some movies while it rained and I was without internet:
    • La Caja 507
    • Lord of The Rings II and III (Gregorio had lent me all three on DVD.  I watched the first earlier in March.)
    • The Help (streamed online at Gregorio's, then watched at home)
    • Blues Brothers
    • Pearl Harbor
  • Spent an afternoon with a friend from college, Emily, who is working in France this year as an English language assistant -- like what I'm doing in Spain.  
Emily and I in Opera
  • Made torrijas, a sweet treat that Spaniards make for Easter.  It's somewhat similar to American french toast.

When is the last time you went 15 days without internet in your home?  Appreciate your connection!

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