Monday, April 2, 2012

Without Internet

Well, I´m not in Paris.

I am all moved into the new apartment, but we won´t have internet installed until the 4th (hopefully).

Currently I´m in Gregorio´s apartment using his internet to see if I can make any last minute travel plans since I´m on break until next Tuesday April 10 (This week is Semana Santa).  At this point it looks like I may be staying in Madrid. Who knows.

On Saturday I played at an ultimate tournament somewhere between Valladolid and Segovia.  Photos and details to follow when I have internet.

Sunday I unpacked all of my things and stayed in the new apartment all day, as we only had one key.  And key-copy places are not open on Sundays.

I realized today, after going online, that I missed April Fool´s Day.  I just didn´t realize at all that yesterday was the first of the month (time to pay rent!)

Leaving the interwebs for now, until the fourth.

UPDATE 4/5/12: The internet installation guy came yesterday and said it would be more complicated than he thought, so they'll come back on Saturday to install the internet (again, I add "hopefully" here).

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