Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Blast from the past

Here's a picture of me two years ago with my old roommies Gregorio and Zuzana, and Grego's friend Alex.  Alex had spent lots of time in our apartment that year working with Gregorio, so he was almost an honorary-roomie.  It was our final get-together (at Rincón de Jaén) before I returned to the states.

Alex, me, Gregorio, Zuzana (2010)
The person who I could have called an honorary-roomie that year would have been Alfonso, Zuzana's boyfriend at the time.

Zuzana, Alfonso, and Gregorio (2010)
Later that summer Zuzana moved back to Slovakia and I hadn't seen her since.

...until a few weeks ago, when she was in Madrid for work.  We had a mini-piso-reunion at Rincón de Jaén with the three roomies, Alfonso, and another one of Zuzana's friends whom I had never met before, so his name escapes me now.

Zuzana, her friend, Gregorio, me, Alfonso (2012)
It was strange because I hadn't seen her in so long, yet it felt so normal with all of us together.  It was as if only a few weeks had passed since our last gathering at Rincón de Jaén two years ago.

Then, this past Monday I had lunch with Alex and Gregorio.  It was the first time I'd seen Alex since I've been back in Madrid; but again it felt normal, just like all the other afternoons he'd spend working in our apartment two years ago.
Alex, Gregorio, and I (2012)
I don't know when all of us will be in Madrid at the same time again, but rest assured that happening will be accompanied with drinks and tapas at Rincón de Jaén.

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