Friday, September 4, 2009

@ arroba @

Another orientation this morning (General Issues)... I think it was our last one. Looks like there are some great opportunities for volunteering/tutoring/teaching English at schools. Can't really look into those until I find an apartment though. And I'm sure classes will keep me busy until I figure out how to balance it all. After our orientation, we had our first grammar class. Grammar is from 11.30-1.30p. On Monday we'll have the full day of classes. (9a-11a we have art, then history)

So our grade from the "Curso Intensivo" is 25% art, 25% history, 25% composition-conversation, and 25% grammar. I may have just repeated myself, I don't remember. For Monday, we need to write a short composition. I'm going to do that tomorrow, then search for a copy shop where I can print it.

Spent three hours this afternoon/evening calling numbers from housing ads/ e-mailing ads online. I had hoped to line up places to go see tomorrow, since we have all day free - but no such luck. None.

While walking back from the Complutense to our dorm earlier, I was picturing a phone conversation in my mind where I left my e-mail address on a message or something. Spelling it out was easy, but wasn't sure what to say for the @ sign. The word "at" is "a" in Spanish, but there would be no way to differentiate that from the letter "a". To satisfy my curiosity, I asked the man at the front desk of our dorm 'What do you call this symbol?' and drew it for him. He said it, but I misheard him and repeated it back incorrectly... twice, so finally he took my paper and wrote it out for me: ARROBA. Nice little factoid there.

It's our first Friday night, and I think I'm heading to bed soon. I'm exhausted; too tired to wait up until 9.30 for dinner. Need to get up early tomorrow to write that paper, buy some stuff at a papelería, find a locutorio to print my paper, and apartment hunt! Group day-trip on Sunday to Segovia...

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