Saturday, September 5, 2009


So... as clear from my last post, I slept until 9.40a this morning and went to bed at 9.40p last night. Definitely have a cold or something. So... I started working on my composition due Monday. I wanted to finish it by noon, then find somewhere to print it. By noon I was only halfway done, as I am a very slow writer, so I decided to shower and go do something productive before lunch.

I walked down to a papelería and picked up some supplies, and then to Cuatro Caminos for some more stuff:At the papelería I picked up a mini cuaderno to hold my apartment search info, a mini notebook for the purse, and some A4 paper.
At the other shop, I picked up an umbrella, kleenex, and the folder-type thing Spaniards keep their A4 paper in.

Story time - so at the other shop I wanted to get a water bottle and an umbrella. So I asked the guy if they had "una botella de agua". He seemed kind of confused, not sure why, then I switched to "una botella para agua" (a bottle for water rather than a bottle of water - poor choice of words the first time). Then he said they didn't have any, so I asked for my next item, an umbrella, which is "paraguas". The man was confused by this, and thought I was still asking for the bottle "para agua". I explained that I was looking for two items. First, una botella para agua, and secondly una paraguas. Then he said "paraguas?" and made hand motions as if he were holding an umbrella, and I said sí, sí. He laughed and shook his head while showing me where the umbrellas were, acting as if that was the only item I had been asking for, why didn't I just say so the first time. I thought the whole situation was laughable.

And I'll tell about my apartment go-see the next time I have a chance to write, but know this: I found a place! My coordinator just has to approve it tomorrow...

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