Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Second night at the apartment

If you haven't discovered them yet, pictures of the apartment are up (same site as the Segovia pictures, or use the "Pictures" site under the 'About Me' section on the sidebar -->)

I moved in everything yesterday, hence spent my first night here last night. Gregorio called around 8p yesterday to tell me that Zuzana, my second roommate whom I hadn't met yet, would be returning from her 5-week vacation at 1.30 this morning. I didn't wake up when she came in last night, but it was nice to know ahead of time in case I had. Met her this morning - she's really nice.

Again, I'm a bad judge at age, but I'd guess upper 20's? Also, I think she's from Slovakia? She pointed on a map, but it was a small map, and I didn't recognize the city she said she's from. I should clear these things up and find out for sure. She's lived in Madrid for two years, though, so she speaks castellano (Castilian) - which is just what I need to pick up. She is currently skyping with someone and speaking.... um whatever her language is - definitely not castellano!

It's crazy to think that last week is our final week of classes for our "Curso Intensivo". Then the following week we have exams. Glad to be starting the semester soon, but I have lots to do before this course is done. For history, we have a three page paper due next Friday... which I haven't started on yet. We have very short, broad instructions for the paper. Write about one of the 12 topics (time periods) we've covered, and include your opinion. I don't like things left so open-ended, which is probably why I haven't started yet. Also, it's history.

For Grammar, we have that six page ethnography due the day of our final (remember now, the pages are longer here - A4 paper!). Our outlines are due tomorrow, so I started some research tonight via the interwebs. After those two papers get written, then it's just a matter of learning Spain's history from 600.000 BC - present day for our history exam! Ugg. And at some point I need to learn and memorize everything we've covered thus far in our art class. Which will be harder, since we have no text or resources to refer back to. Just the lectures... which are hard to sit through, so my notes must surely have holes.

Off to do some readings for history, and finish that outline!


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  2. I have read your story. Hope you're fine. Don't give up. Everything will be all right.