Saturday, September 26, 2009

Semester 1: Picking classes

Firstly, happy birthday Jacki!

Last Wednesday we each met with our director to have him "approve" our course selections for the semester. Since then, I have seen him two separate times, changing two of my class selections. Thus, I'm currently planning to take:


  • Fonética
  • Sintaxis comparada inglés/español
  • Literatura española I
  • Complutense
    • Religión y Sociedad
    The changes I made in the later half of this week resulted in 4 classes that will all transfer to Spanish credits at UW. I was originally taking a Reunidas class that would have transferred to Poli Sci 690, and an Anthro course that would hopefully have transferred to some type of Anthro credit, but that wasn't for sure.

    However, I currently have no backup for my Complutense course, which we're all required to have. There's a limit of 5 Americans in every Complutense course, so I need a second choice in case my class is full, or if something doesn't work out.

    I wanted to take something that I have background knowledge in... but that's not the case for History, Geography, Filology, Art history, etc. Hence, I'm struggling to find a second choice. But I'll pick one by Monday. And just hope that I get into my first choice...


    Regarding our "Curso Intensivo," our last day of classes were yesterday. All that's left now is our art exam on Tuesday, history and grammar exams on Wednesday, and turning in our ethnography papers on Wednesday as well. I'm very much looking forward to our 4 day break between exams and semester #1!
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