Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Ultimate frisbee fall league finals

This past Saturday my ultimate frisbee fall league had its final games.  My team won our first game all season in the semifinals two weeks earlier, which put us in the running to win finals.  (Brief summaries of all the games from the fall league are up on the team's website, in case anyone's interested in reading.)

We played at the field we use on Saturdays for pick-up (all the rest of the fall league's regular games were played in a different field).  This is the field where we force either "graffiti" or "trees," as you'll see in the pictures.  In fact, there were a bunch of guys spray painting graffiti on the walls while we were playing.  Gotta keep it fresh!
Ignore the frisbee players.  Notice the people spray painting graffiti on the walls
First, the two teams that had lost in the semifinals played each other.

And then my team played the other winning team from semifinals.

A time-out during the game

I won't leave you in suspense; we lost our game, but the whole afternoon was lots of fun.

Frisbee friends
After our game finished, there was an informal awards ceremony for the league.  The first category was perfect attendance, so people who came to all of their team's games during the fall league were recognized (I got this one!).

Team captains handing out prizes
Players gathering around for the awards ceremony
Since stats were recorded every game (assists, points), next came a bunch of stat-based awards (girl with most assists, boy with most assists, girl with most points, boy with most points, etc.).  There was also girl with best lay-out, boy with best lay-out, best girl who had never played ultimate before this league, best boy who had never played ultimate before this league... and others I'm probably forgetting.

After all of the individual awards were done, each of the four teams came up one at a time to receive hand-made bracelets and a bottle of champagne.  Then team pictures were taken, often disrupted by the popping of a cork.

Nice team picture
Pop goes the cork!
My team: Río Aluche
Río Aluche captain kindly pours champagne into everyone's mouths, instead of drenching them
When the awards ceremony ended, most headed to the nearby bar that we usually go to after pick-up on Saturdays.
Los Quijotes post-finals
After socializing, eating, and drinking a beer; most said "see you tonight" to each other when we finally parted ways, as that night was the team's Christmas party. Post to follow!

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