Friday, December 23, 2011

Quijotes Frisbee Christmas Party

After finals on Saturday, everyone went home to shower (I'm assuming....) and then we regrouped that night for a Christmas party at the apartment of a couple on our team.

The apartment was gorgeous, spacious, and well-decorated for Christmas.  The lights were off, as many candles were lit and the drinks had glowing ice cubes that changed colors!

Festive ice cubes
We each brought some food to share and something to drink.  If you wanted to participate in secret santa you also brought a gift that cost under 4 euro.  I learned that secret santa in Spanish is called "el amigo invisible" (the invisible friend), though I still have no idea why -- invisibility has nothing to do with it!

After munching, drinking, and visiting with each other for an hour or so, we all gathered around for el amigo invisible.  As guests had arrived, if they had brought a secret santa gift it was placed under the Christmas tree.

El amigo invisible gifts under the árbol de navidad
Here are the rules we followed: The last person to arrive started by selecting a gift from under the tree, and didn't open it.  The next person grabbed another gift from under the tree and could either hold on to it, or swap it with the first person, still not opening anything.  As more and more of us had gifts in our hands, we were instructed to hold them up so that people taking their turn could see what their options were as far as trading goes.
Holding those gifts up high
After the last gift was picked from under the tree, we went back to the first person and one by one we each opened whatever present was in our hands.  

In the end, I opened a glow stick and a grow-your-own cowboy (put him in water, three days later he's full-size)

Grow Your Own Cowboy
Some of the other gifts (that I remember) included: a mini first aid kit, a scarf, BINGO, a towel, condoms, a beard, a stapler, silly string & a beer, champagne, "sexy music" CD, a thermostat filled with a warm wine drink, socks, and some chocolate & tea.  There was a nice mix of practical, random, and dirty gifts.

We didn't end up leaving until around 6am, which meant I got home and went to bed at 7am.  A Spanish night out!

Cutting the ham

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