Monday, December 19, 2011

Oliva: Day 1, Segóbriga

[This post is part two in the Oliva series.  Read part one, Uclés, here.]

Gregorio had asked me the week before our trip if I had seen any Roman ruins in Spain before.  I had, on our WIP trip to Extremadura two years earlier with a tour guide, might I add.  I thought this meant that we wouldn't be seeing any Roman ruins on our trip to Oliva.  Once again, I was wrong.

After leaving Uclés, we weren't in the car very long before Gregorio exited the main highway again.  We were headed to Segóbriga, an archeological site located in Cuenca, Spain.

We got there about ten minutes before a free tour started, so we waited and joined the huge group and tour guide.

Roman theater

Roman theater

Our tour guide was quite something.  She could rattle off her facts and memorized script without hardly pausing to breathe.  Want to hear for yourself?

The whole tour and walk through the ancient ruins lasted over an hour.  It was a perfect day to be outside in the ruins; there was lots of sun.  I felt as though my face were getting burnt at some points, and definitely didn't need the coat I was wearing.  It was a lovely reminder to appreciate Spain's winter this year, as it will be much much milder than Wisconsin's.  Hardly comparable.

When the tour was over, we walked back to the principal building where Gregorio bought some type of souvenir before we headed back to the parking lot.

We continued driving towards Oliva, and once again I had no idea when we could stop next.

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