Thursday, December 1, 2011

Victoria para Río Aluche... por fin!

This fall, my Wednesday nights have been spent at frisbee entrenamiento (practice), and my Thursday nights consist of playing a game with my team Río Aluche against one of the other three teams in the fall league.

As of last night, Río Aluche had yet to win a game in the fall league.  Last night being a Wednesday, I headed to frisbee practice, knowing the fall league's semifinals were this week on Thursday.

I got to the field and quickly learned that the semifinals were actually that night (Wednesday), because we no longer had this field come Thursday.  I had gotten the emails with that week's schedule, but somehow didn't realize the semifinals were on Wednesday.  I quick threw on my cleats, grabbed a pennie, and ran out onto the field. 

The game began and... we scored first!  And then we scored again!  We may have scored a couple more before our opponent started scoring.  So for the first chunk of the game I knew we were ahead, but had no idea what the score was (I never know the score).  But I didn't want to hear it.

At some point during the game when I had subbed out for a point and was on the sidelines, I heard someone who played in the game after us ask what the score was.  When someone else told him that Río Aluche was winning, he could hardly believe it and said, "Río Aluche's winning? Really?"  Hah. You'd best believe it.

Game continues: they scored some.  I thought I heard someone call out "five minutes left" from the sidelines.  And then we scored. And scored again!  Those ended up being the two last points of the game.  WE WON!  Victory for the underdogs!

Later I learned that we had been tied 7-7, but won with those two last points, 9-7.  I also learned that whoever won the two games last night had a spot in the finals; your record during the season didn't matter.  On top of that, turns out they had put the lowest ranked (us) vs. the highest ranked last night, meaning we had beat the team with the best record during the fall season.  

I'm really glad I didn't know all of this coming into the game, or I might have psyched myself out.

So we'll be playing in the finals on Saturday, December 17.  I don't know what I'll do with my free Wednesday and Thursday evenings now.  I sure hope they get a spring league organized come 2012.


  1. Hope we'll repeat the story :) So lets forget about what happend and lets go relaxed to usual saturday "training" on december 17!

  2. Ha! Good one. Team, don't let it go to your heads. Have fun.