Monday, January 11, 2010

crisis 2010

According to my profesora de sintax, there's a new crisis for English speakers with the new year: how to say it.

two thousand ten.

Two thousand ten rolls off my tongue much smoother than the other. 

Which do you use?


  1. My mom recently told me about this. My response was, "Really... this is the big debate right now?"

    ...and I also say two thousand ten.

  2. I much prefer two thousand ten, but I've been hearing lots of people say twenty ten. Their reasoning is that you would say 19 96, so why not 20 10? Except we've been saying two thousand for the last nine years.

  3. Is that you, Jacki?
    Like I said, I prefer two thousand ten, too, but should nine years of "two thousand..." override centuries of 19 bla bla 18 bla bla ,etc?

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  5. We said nineteen twenty-nine because it'd be ridiculous for us to say "One thousand nine hundred twenty-nine..." So, we might as well stick with "twenty ten" now that we don't need to worry about sounding strange saying "twenty, oh nine." Or we could just subtract 2000 and start at 10. (Year 10 A.Y2K.)

  6. I say two thousand ten. Is just sounds right