Sunday, January 24, 2010

Teatro: Cartas a mamá desde España, con amor

This past semester, there was a theater class in the Reunidas program.  Along with studying Spanish theater, they wrote a play themselves, which was performed Friday night.  The play was called "Cartas a mamá desde España, con amor" (Letters to mother from Spain, with love) and it was actually really funny.  The narrators read parts of the "cartas a mamá" inbetween scenes, introducing each skit.  They made fun of Americans/Spaniards, and the first differences we noticed.

My favorite skit was called "falsos amigos", which used many cognates, or "false friends" - Spanish words that sound similar to english words, but have completely different meanings.

The second skit was called "Trabalenguas" and the whole script was basically a tongue twister, poking fun at how fast Spaniards talk:

la perra, la parra, Sr. Parra

Another skit, "En el metro"

"En el metro"

"Espacio Personal"

"En el metro"

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