Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy 2010

Guest blogger:  LuAnn

Today is Friday, our last day in Madrid.  What was left on our list of places to go?  We needed to see where Rebecca spends much of her time, so we headed to the university.  When we arrived, it looked like a ghost town.  Everything is shut down for the winter break.  We were able to see the buildings where Rebecca has classes.  There is a nice view of the mountains there, too.

We decided to do some exploring of that part of town, so we walked and walked.  It was another windy day.  I was glad I had my scarf and mittens along.  We walked to the part of the city called Moncloa.  Then nature called and we had to find a bathroom.  There are no public bathrooms here.  Luckily Rebecca knew of one at the metro stop, so we took advantage of that and walked some more--looking for a place that was open on New Year's Day.  Most places were closed, but we did happen upon a restaurant.  Rebecca and Bernice ordered from the 2-plate menu.  You get a first plate, then a second plate of food.  Lots of yummy food, but they were both very full.  I had a tortilla espanola and hot chocolate, which was too thick to drink.  I used a spoon to enjoy it.

After lunch, we metroed to Sol.  Things were livelier there.  We had to walk through the craft booths again.  Bernice bought a pretty ring and some scarves, after much deliberation.  I picked up a few more souvenirs at the shop on the corner.

We headed for home, after a quick stop at a convenience store to pick up a few munchies for the plane ride home.  As I write this last blog, Bernice is sleeping on the couch in preparation for our 3 AM departure for the airport.  I'm sure I'll be napping before the night is over, too.

So I will say good bye to Spain tonight.  I loved being here with Rebecca and experiencing a different culture.  I will better understand her blogs now that I've been here.  It was an awesome trip, thanks to Rebecca's tour guide abilities.  I'm so proud of the way she has made a life for herself here in Madrid.  It was so fun to watch and listen to her interact with the Spaniards.   I am so lucky to have had this week with Rebecca.  But now it's time to return to Waunakee, WI.  Back to reality--but a good reality.  Hasta luego!

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