Sunday, January 31, 2010

goodbye semester 1 (nearly)

Had my last exam Thursday morning!  But I'm going to back-track a bit and catch you all up on last week's events:
  • Sunday - went to the Real Madrid v. Málaga fútbol game.  We won, but Ronaldo got a red card.  That's probably the first soccer game I've watched from start to finish.  Ever.
  • Monday - after my sintax final, I headed south of the city for my first day volunteering al centro de atención a la mujer (a women's-help center-ish type thing).  
    • I help kids with homework for two hours after school.  Some of the kids' parents are illiterate, or they don't have a home environment that encourages doing school work, so they come to the center and have an hour with the volunteers to work on their homework. 
    • Mondays and Wednesdays there are two different groups - 4.45-5.45 with the first, and then the second batch are from 5.45-6.45.  There are two rooms, one for older kids (10+) and one for younger kids (7-9 years old).
    • Mondays during 2nd semester I'll have classes back-to-back from 10am to 4pm, and then head straight to the center, because it takes nearly an hour to get there from the university. (I take the metro, then catch a train that goes south of the city).  Not sure when I'll eat lunch yet these days...
  • Tuesday - (Study for lit in the morning) Met with my tutor for nearly two hours that afternoon, and she showed me all the corrections she made on my paper.  Still need to make the changes on the compy, reprint, and hand in that sucker.
    • Tuesday evening - tutored Pablo.  That boy loves pirates.
    • Izzy came over and we talked through all of our lit units for a few hours, and did some great poetry interpretation in preparation for the next day's exam.
  • Wednesday - Spanish lit final exam.  Had a few hours to study for phonetics afterwards, before I headed off to las rozas to tutor.  Got home around 10.30... made some dinner...
  • Thursday - Phonetics exam: so glad to be done with that class! We had a few celebratory beers in the cafeteria afterwards, then went to a sangria bar in Sol.
    • Then I met my new intercambio, Gustavo, and we sat and chatted for a few hours.  He's older, 30s maybe, but a bit weird.  We have plans to meet up again next, we'll see how this goes...
    • Around 8, I started my "project" with Gregorio - decluttering his shelves in the living room!  This man has so much stuff, and I've been waiting and waiting to finish exams so I can help him get started.  We began going through the shelves, until Izzy called me. Ate dinner at a friend's apartment with a bunch of other WIPers.
  • Friday - Lunch with Asad and Vickie.  That night, we went to see "Up in the air" with an intercambio group.  (It's not really a romantic comedy.  If you're looking for a feel-good movie, this is not it).  Vickie's intercambio, Jorge, came to watch it with us.  It was in English with Spanish subtitles.  About 90 people showed up from the group, and everyone with the intercambio group got a euro discount on the tickets.  Also, afterwards the tickets could be traded for a drink at a nearby bar, so we went and met some of the Spaniards that came for the intercambio.
  • Saturday (hoy) - Shopping with Asad in Cuatro Caminos.  Kebap for lunch at my favorite place, with the chef who knows me.  
  • Went on a cleaning spree and cleaned the apartment.  After washing my bedroom floor, I started moving around furniture... and completely changed up my bedroom.  Moved my bed to a different location, moved she shelves, and shifted my desk right under the window.  Feels a lot more spacious now, and I got rid of lots of clutter too.
Monday is the first day of our 2nd sem. Reunidas classes.  I'm taking Sintaxis II, Etnología de América, and Cervantes.  Our Complutense classes from first semester are still in session... exams are the first couple weeks of February.  Then our two 2nd semester Complutense courses will start later in February (I should really figure what date I start class...)  I signed up for Historía y Teoría de la Ciencia (history and theory of science) and el Origen de la Humanidad (origen of humanity).  Hopefully I'll get to stay in them...

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