Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Spanish Ultimate Frisbee Championship - 2nd division

This weekend I was in a northern suburb of Madrid, Alcobendas, helping out at the Spanish Ultimate Frisbee Championship Tournament - Second Division.

Back during the sign-up for this tournament I didn't know if I would be in Madrid or not, so I didn't sign up.  Turns out I was here, so I went to help our team with set-up and running of the tournament, since we were hosting.

On Friday afternoon, Hannah and I put up signs for the tournament all around Alcobendas's sports facilities.  We even made a walking advertisement out of Herm!

Then we had to wait for a certain set of keys from someone, so of course to pass the time we started a pick-up game of ultimate on the turf.  Barefoot.

The keys came.  Later that evening a van full of fruit, drinks, and water arrived.  We unloaded and started setting up parts of the tents so there would be less to do in the morning.

Around 22.30 we headed to the low-key "welcome party" at a 100 Montaditos in Alcobendas.  Hannah and I were super tired, and she was playing in the morning (first game at 9.00), so we didn't stay later than midnight.

The next morning I was assigned to keep score during Sancho's first game.

Sancho during a time out, listening to "coach" Herm

During the second round of games I helped finish setting up those two tents, 

Quijotes & Dulcineas helping to set up one of the tents

and then I worked at the table for most of the rest of the day; selling drinks, merchandise, answering questions, and collecting spirit and score sheets.
Me working the table

The last game ended around 20.00.  I snuck away from the tent and showered before that, to avoid the rush of players after the games. At 20.30 I caught the first bus that took us to the site of the dinner - at the tennis club in Moraleja.

It was sometime after 22.00 by the time they were ready for us to sit down in the dining room.  I was super exhausted, and that's without having played a single game!
My table at the dinner

The first course was pasta with tomato sauce and sausage, and the second course was steak and potatoes:

Steak and fries

We waited around for dessert to finally be brought out, then we took the first bus back to the residency around midnight.

On Sunday I kept score for two of the first two games, and then worked at the table again for the rest of the day.

Hannah and I got photo-bombed!

Writing the results of the tournament
After the closing ceremony and picking up almost everything, we played some ultimate barefoot in the grass.  It was a fun, tiring weekend - as most tournaments are.

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