Friday, September 21, 2012

"Ready" for Sunday's 10K run

Today Hannah and I went to pick up our number/shirts for the Madrid Corre Por Madrid 10K we're running on Sunday.  There was a bit of a line, so we eyed up our competition while waiting.

The competition.

My plan to run every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday night this month fell through after my first two runs.  I ended up having plans on those non-frisbee nights, you know, with things like helping at the 2nd division ultimate frisbee national championships in Alcobendas, playing Settlers of Catan with friends, painting Hannah's wall green, and being in Málaga.  But I also learned my running plan was not the way to prepare for a 10K anyway.  Cross-training by going to ultimate frisbee practices every Tuesday and Thursday was helpful, and in Málaga I did some sprinting routines on the beach a couple of nights.

Regardless of the little preparation, our goal is still just to finish without walking and to have fun.  We might bring a disc along and try to throw (but with 10,000 other runners I'm not sure if there will be space...).

Bag, shirt, and number (with an electronic chip!)
Wish us luck!

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