Monday, September 10, 2012

Happy Day: American bakery in Madrid

My original plan for Saturday was to go to Happy Day, an American bakery near Noviciado, and then browse the secondhand shops in that neighborhood.  I first learned of this bakery in a magazine article I read while waiting for hours at the doctor's office this past winter when I lost my voice.

I made it many months without going, but it was this past Friday night when I decided to go the following day and finally fill my craving for American desserts.  What happened Friday night?  I was at a birthday celebration with a former student of mine, and his friends kept on talking about cupcakes (because they watch some American show that has a character who's always eating cupcakes or something).  And then they began asking me all about the sweet treat:  "Are they as good as they look?" "It's just a magdalena with frosting, right?" (No!) "I'd like to try one someday, I wish I could buy one somewhere in Madrid..." (You can!)

And that's when I remembered that this American bakery exists, Happy Day, and decided I would go on Saturday.

But then after lunch on Saturday, Gregorio said he had been thinking about going to Parque Europa.  There was no way I could turn that down when I could go to this bakery any other day.

So we went to Parque Europa, and I enjoyed the outing.  We finished seeing all the monuments by 18.00, but Gregorio didn't have to work until 20.00 that night.

So he drove to the city center and dropped me off here as he drove around the block:

I walked in and tried not to look at all the dessert mixes and other American-food goods the store sold.  Too tempting.  Instead I walked right up to the counter to order two cupcakes (thus saving myself from seeing the BAGELS, cakes, and peanut butter... plus whatever else I missed).

I did happen to see chocolate chip cookies on display, so I ordered one of those with the cupcakes.  The woman grabbed at a cookie to put it in the bag, but then she told me that the cookie was broken... so she was going to give me the broken one for free with another unbroken cookie that I'd ordered! Um, wonderful! (If I worked there, I think I'd gift all of the broken goods to myself...)
After she'd put the two cookies in a bag for me, we walked over so I could pick out the cupcakes.  I picked two chocolate cupcakes, one with blue frosting and the other with green.  If you're taking them to go, Happy Day has got cupcake boxes so they won't roll around:

So I've satisfied my American sweet tooth for now.  And when the craving hits again, I know where I can go.

What: Happy Day
Where: c/ Espíritu Santo, 11
Metro: Noviciado, Tribunal
Hours: 10:00 - 0:00
Cost: Cupcakes - 2 euros each; see website for all prices


  1. Wow, those look amazing!

    I have been making ours (without the fancy frosting) from scratch, and they aren't bad. Mercadona and Hipercor carry Valor cocoa powder, so it's easy. Just in case you want a DIY option!