Thursday, September 20, 2012

Málaga: A relaxing beach weekend

My four nights, five days in Málaga were exactly as I'd hoped: Filled with beach, sun, and reading.  Since I had already visited  (and explored) Málaga last fall, this time I only wanted to relax on the beach under the sun.

I arrived Friday evening and took a walk to the beach with a book and stayed until the sun went down.
I spent the following three days on the beach, from sun up to sun down.  I did lots of reading, some snoozing, and got a good feel of the coast in my bones.

On my last day, Tuesday, it was quite cloudy and not really ideal beach weather.  That was fine with me, as I had spent the previous three days on the beach.  I walked around other parts of the city until it was time to catch my bus.

There were many kittens in the rocks on the shore:

I really liked all of the long walkways shaded by trees on both sides:

I spent my last two hours in the city reading Three Cups of Tea on my kindle in the botanical gardens, before I finished my walk to the bus station:

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