Friday, September 21, 2012

Quijotes & Dulcineas: Spanish Ultimate Frisbee Champions!

While I was in Málaga this past weekend, the competitive Quijotes &Dulcineas (Q+D) team competed in Spain's Ultimate Frisbee 1st Division National Championship (mixed, grass) in Sevilla... and WON!

Quijotes + Dulcineas
Spanish Champions 2012 (mixed, grass)

This is the third time Q+D has been national champions of mixed ultimate frisbee; the last time was in 2006.

Here's a news segment about the tournament, filmed while it was taking place:

Even if you don't understand Spanish, here are some things to look for in the news clip:
  :53 Alberto! (teammate on Q+D)
1:22 Amán! (teammate on Q+D)
1:34 The team in black is Q+D, during a post-game circle.

So that was the mixed (men and women) championship on grass.  At the end of October the women's and open national championships will be held in Santander on beach.

As Hermann explained it to me the other  night, every year they rotate the type of ultimate (grass vs. beach) for each category.  This means next year the mixed championship will take place on beach, and women's and open championships will be on grass.

And now, for your viewing pleasure (thanks to Herm and whoever filmed), here are three videos of Q+D playing at the national championship in Sevilla:

A few points against Mubidisk:

Mostly the whole semifinals game against Fendisc:

The whole final game against Corocotta:

We are all very pleased with the results of the tournament, and proud of the whole team.

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