Saturday, July 28, 2012

Beethoven, Bonn, and barf

We spent the day in Bonn, mainly visiting so the sister could see Beethovenhaus.

It had been a normal day but quickly became unforgettable when an unfortunate event happened to the sister that evening on the way home.

She had been looking for the machine to pay for parking in a parking garage. She went up four flights of stairs and ended up in a mall with no parking-pay machine in sight.

She headed right back down the stairs, but on the way noticed something wet and vomit-looking covering one flight of stairs. It hadn't been there on the way up because she surely would have noticed it. Just as she thought to herself, "Don't slip on that," she had a hard fall. Into the puke.

She still hadn't found the machine to pay for parking, so a little scraped up and vomit-covered she kept walking around until she found one. When she returned to the car and handed me the parking ticket, I noticed it was wet in places. Then the car reeked of vomit.

The story gets even better if you trace it backwards and ask some questions. Why didn't you just pay the parking ticket on your way back down to the parking garage?

Well, we never actually left this parking garage. I drove into it by accident and there was no way to turn around or leave without going underground and through the garage.

How did you accidentally drive into a parking garage?

The parking lot near the Chinese restaurant was full, so I continued down the road and planned to take two right turns to go back. The first right turn (that looked like a normal street) soon became a curved descent underground into this parking garage. We had to take a ticket in order to enter, and pay the ticket in order to leave.

Hold on, why were you going to a Chinese restaurant in Germany?

Heh well, er, we weren't hungry enough (nor in the mood) for a nice sit-down restaurant. After the rain that day, taking Chinese back to our hotel that evening sounded quite appetizing.

So there you have it. Our day as summarized by grandma: "Beethoven, Bonn, and barf".

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