Monday, July 9, 2012

Tierra de Pinares VII

This past weekend I played in the seventh Tierra de Pinares ultimate hat tournament.  Today my body is sore all over, but it was a fun weekend.

The car I went with left Madrid around 5 on Friday evening.  When we arrived, we all helped the two tent-sleepers from my car set up their tent:

I was only able to obtain a sleeping bag for this weekend (that I borrowed from Gregorio), so I was going to sleep in the gym of the polideportivo, right next to the camping area.

We threw around and got cañas at the camp-side bar during the next few hours as more and more players arrived and set up their tents.

At around 11 that night, baguettes and meats were brought out for everyone to make sandwiches for dinner.  At midnight they announced the teams for this tournament and passed out team jerseys.  The team names this year were all old measurement terms that are no longer in use.  I was on the light-blue team: quintal.  A quintal is the weight of 100 pounds, about 46 kg.

There was then a sack wine race between all of the teams, followed by tug-of-war.

Sack race


When tug-of-war was finished, the rope became used for jump rope --which I hadn't seen or done since elementary school I think.

Jump rope

I headed to the polideportivo somewhere around 2.30 to get ready for bed.  Many others stayed out much later, heading to a bar in the town's center at that same hour.

My team was one of four with the first game on Saturday (10am), so I was quite tired all day.  We played another game at noon and our third game at two o'clock.  Quintal lost all three games on Saturday.

After our last game we had lunch on the fields.  That afternoon we could do as we pleased, with free access to the polideportivo's swimming pool, in which you had to wear a swimming cap if you went.  I tried to nap there at the poolside under the sun.  At around 7pm I left the pool, showered in the polideportivo, then tried to nap again in my sleeping bag on the gym's floor.  At 10.30 we met in the center of the town, and around 11pm dinner was served.

After dinner we sat outside for a while, and ended up playing Dare or Dare with some Quijotes friends while they were waiting for the discoteca to open at 1.30.  A little before 2am when we had each done at least one dare, they headed into the discoteca.  I was super tired and had the first game again on Sunday, so I walked back to the polideportivo at 2.  

After first game on Sunday

Post-game game between yellow and orange

We lost both of our games on Sunday as well, giving us a 0-5 streak during the tournament. 
Quintal team picture

While the two teams competing in the finals were warming up on Sunday, the other teams beat the heat by dancing to the music while getting sprayed by a hose.

After the finals, we made a big circle in the middle of the fields while the organizers briefly talked.  We sang some songs, passed around some water jugs (that had to stay tipped up until they were empty), and took a tournament photo:

Tierra de Pinares VII

Then we all headed back to the campsite/polideportivo for lunch.  We didn't get bored waiting for lunch to be ready, as they had set up a really long slip-and-slide in the grass!

We took our time after lunch, packing up and napping under the sun until we drove back to Madrid that evening.

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