Wednesday, July 4, 2012

How I spent papa's birthday

Firstly, Happy Birthday Dad!
Wish I could eat whatever TJ made today at your birthday party...

And Happy 4th of July to you folks in the states.  Speaking of which, how did July get here so fast?  Might as well welcome it with a song:

On Tuesday morning I said goodbye to my roommates and brought over my final backpack load of things to Gregorio's.  I'll be living here for the next two weeks before my trip to Germany, and leaving stuff here while traveling.

Basically every day since my last day of work last Monday has felt like a Saturday, so I wanted to get out and explore a bit today.

Since I'm never in the northern part of Madrid, I started out in Nuevos Ministerios and walked up calle Castellano.  And then I realized why I'm never in that area: It's boring. 

There are lots of businesses and company buildings.  Not much to see.  To prove my point, here were my highlights of the walk:

Weird brown statue
Puerta de Europa towers
Yup. That's it.  An ugly brown statue and the well-known Puerta de Europa towers.
Since I was so far north, I took the metro towards the airport and spent the rest of the afternoon in Parque Juan Carlos I.

I enjoyed the park so much that I've written a whole separate post about it here, but I'll include some more pictures below:

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