Monday, July 2, 2012

Photo scavenger hunt in Madrid

On Saturday morning was the búsqueda de tesoro de fotos (photo scavenger hunt) that I had helped my friend Mary to plan.  We made a list of items worth different point values that each team had to find and take a picture of near the center of Madrid.  We decided that if they were planking in the photos, that photo's point value would be doubled.

We met in Ópera at noon, and after waiting for late arrivals and explaining all of the rules, the hunt began at 12.30.  (Keep in mind this was the morning after Andy's going away party.  I may have gotten home at 3.30, but many didn't get back home until 6 or so.)

The two teams had until 3.00 to take pictures of as many items on the list as they could.  At three they needed to be at Templo de Debod.  Since Spaniards usually come late to things, we said that for every minute late they arrived to the templo, we would subtract five points from their score.  That got everybody there on time.

Mary brought her laptop so that we could all see each team's pictures while we scored them.  Here are some of my favorite photos from the scavenger hunt:

With a firefighter:

Strangers doing the YMCA:

Strangers doing the YMCA (other team)

Team member hugging a stranger:

Clacky Goat:

Someone wearing Desigual clothes:

This team got a two in one with this next photo: Fat spiderman and hugging a stranger:

Picture of the entire team planking:

After scoring all of the photos we announced the winning team....

The Clues Brothers!  The winners each got a snickers and we had also made a cake for the team.

Winners: The Clues Brothers (Herm, Vane, Hannah, Justin)  +planking

Hanging out in the park afterwards was great; I laughed so much.  We did grown-up things like eating the cake, playing some duck duck goose (until too many people were getting injured), and throwing ice down each other's shirts/pants.

It felt good to make an idea turn into an actual event, though at some point I think it would be fun to participate in a photo scavenger hunt!

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