Monday, July 16, 2012

Best tapas in Madrid: Bar Los Amigos

On Friday night, Gregorio drove Jake and I to a bar for some drinks and tapas.  It was in the Pueblo Nuevo neighborhood (Ciudad Lineal), but I had never been there before.

The bar was called Bar Los Amigos, and their tapas are the most generous I have seen in my two years in Madrid (Yes, even better than  La Blanca Paloma).

We ordered three beers (2.50 euros/each), and they set out the five plates of different tapas and a bowl of bread in front of us.  When one plate was empty, they'd set out a new plate -- when we hadn't yet ordered a second drink.

I was getting really full, but Gregorio ordered a second round for everyone.  So they put out five or six more plates of tapas!

There was a good atmosphere inside the bar.  Any time someone left a tip, they would ring a bell.  

Jake and I were completely stuffed when we left the bar... but Gregorio insisted we have one last drink at the bar across the street: Bar Los Enemigos.

This bar's tapas were also generous portions.  Here's what we got when we ordered two non-alcoholic beers and one normal: 

I felt bad because we could barely finish half of what was there.

Apparently the Bar Los Amigos was on that street first, then someone else opened up the Bar Los Enemigos directly in front of it, copying the style of large tapas.  I preferred the atmosphere in Bar Los Amigos, plus who wants to go to an Enemies Bar when you've got a Friends Bar three meters away?

What: Bar Los Amigos
Where: c/ Ezequiel Solana 115
Metro: La Almudena, Ascao
Hours: Tuesday - Sunday 11:00 - 00:30, Closed on Mondays
Price: Drinks are 2.50 - 4.00 depending on size; very good prices


  1. Did you go back after your year abroad?

    1. Yes! I lived in Madrid for a second year after graduating (2011-12), and have been back several times to visit since then. I actually just went to this very bar in July!