Tuesday, May 15, 2012

One year since...

Graduating from UW-Madison with Amjad Asad (L) and Asad Asad (R), 2011.

Today marks exactly one year since I graduated from college.  (Speaking of which, at what point do you stop calling yourself a "recent college graduate"?)

It feels like that year went by so quickly.  Yet many moments within the past year felt slow as ever.  As Gretchen Rubin says, "The days are long but the years are short."

Since graduating, here's what the last year consisted of para mi:
Saying goodbye to college friends as we parted ways

Joining a summer MUFA league and making new friends

Watching a friend compete in Wisconsin's Tough Mudder

Exploring Dubuque with my siblings, grandma, and aunt

Having way too much fun with my coworkers and boss

Having a monkey on my head in Gibraltar

Playing in my first ultimate tournament (also first tournament of any sport ever)... 
and then going to 7 others

Spending many Friday nights playing Settlers of Catan

Soaking up some sun at a tournament in the Canary Islands in February

Turning 23 and celebrating with my roomies

Traveling solo to Barcelona and taking many terrible self photos

Day of San Isidro

In addition to being one year since my college graduation, this day is actually important here in Madrid too - for two reasons.  Firstly, it's the Day of Saint Isidro, the patron saint of Madrid.  aka I didn't have to work today: city holiday.

This morning I stopped by a nearby pastelería to buy some rosquillas -- the sweet made to celebrate the Day of San Isidro.  Rosquillas is often translated to "donut," but they're nothing like the donuts Americans eat.  I got one of each of the four types, and ended up liking "listas" the best.

When I walked down around the center this afternoon, there was some type of procession going through Plaza Mayor, and later that night I saw a fireworks show in Retiro Park.

15-M Movement

Secondly, a year ago today began the giant protests in Puerta del Sol.  The day became known as "15-M," and to recognize the anniversary people gathered in the same place today.  When I was downtown this afternoon, I walked through Sol and took a few pictures.

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